Key Wedding Trends for 2018


With Christmas just around the corner and 2017 drawing to an end, it's the perfect opportunity to look ahead at key trends predicted to be seen throughout weddings over the coming year (hurrah!)

As a planner, I am already immersed in weddings well into 2018 and 2019, and as such it's interesting to note that there are certain "looks" transcending through a number of weddings, albeit in very different settings. Here I take a look at what's already on the "hot" list, and other trends I expect to see creeping in over the next few months...


Ultra Violet

The recent announcement by Pantone® crowning Ultra Violet as the Colour of the Year 2018 makes for a pretty obvious choice to explore when looking at potential wedding colours for the coming year. A far more complex hue than seen in the last couple of years, Pantone describes this particular selection as a "dramatic, provocative and thoughtful" shade, conjuring thoughts of the cosmos and inspiring "the desire to pursue a world beyond our own".

Although perhaps a daunting shade for some in it's vibrancy, Ultra Violet is actually an incredibly versatile colour and can be used in a multitude of ways. For couples daring a bold look, blocks of this colour can be used on its own or combined with rich gold or copper, to create dynamic spaces and a sense of regal opulence. And for those preferring something a little more subtle, the colour works just as beautifully with whites, greens and greys for an on-trend, yet softer feel.

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There's little denying that marble is THE hottest home interiors trend right now, so it's no surprise that this is already finding its way into wedding decor. We expect to see this cool rock feature heavily in 2018 weddings, from the stationery and table decorations, right through to larger scale installations such as dance floors.

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Inspired by the still-popular boho trend, macrame has been making a resurgence in weddings lately, and is being incorporated in everything from table runners and backdrops, to bouquets and table plans. With so many creative ways to use these pretty elaborate knots, this look is sure to be a big hit well into 2018.

Hanging Installations

Hanging installations have been quite a sensation in 2017 weddings, and are still one of the most highly requested decorations for 2018 weddings. Foliage (both fresh and artificial) is particularly popular, whether it is one large focal piece or a gathering of garlands or foliage hoops. Couples are also increasingly looking to alternative lighting displays, and strings of Edison bulbs or cascading fairy lights work especially well in creating a "wow" factor in a designated area.

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Unstructured Florals

Loose, unruly florals are expected to rise, with couples consciously looking to incorporate in-season and wild flowers with a lower carbon footprint. Thanks to Pantone's "greenery" this year, foliage is still set to play a key role in arrangements, and whereas whites and blush tones have been highly popular this summer, it is anticipated couples will likely opt for slightly deeper tones in 2018 for contrast.

Increasingly couples are opting for smaller floral centrepieces in favour of one or two larger, statement pieces, which offer a big impact and can re-purposed in various areas of the wedding. Vessels will become just as important as the florals themselves, with couples selecting more unusual bases formed from natural materials such as wood or stone.

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Translucent Cakes

Naked cakes have taken the wedding scene by storm this decade, reaching peak popularity in 2014 owing to its Insta-prettiness. It appears not all are in favour however; in fact according to Country Living it is one of the most hated wedding trends by wedding planners, citing the minimal time in which the cake can dry out without frosting as the prime factor. Fast forward to 2018 and there appears to be a compromise –the semi-naked, or “translucent” cake. Equally as pretty as it’s naked counterparts but with a generous sweep of frosting around the edges, just barely revealing the cake layers underneath whilst retaining more moisture. Winner!

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Casual dining has been on the increase for the last few years, with more couples passing on the formal three-course dinner, in favour of a more relaxed, family dining experience seated at long tables. In turn, caterers are upping their game and creating fabulous gourmet takes on staple comfort food classics, such as pie and mash, and fish and chips. Brunch has become equally popular recently - not only can this be much more cost-effective, but it's also a great opportunity to get creative with the food options on offer!


Lace is still very much a mainstay for gowns, however the particular emphasis in 2018 will be on delicacy and transparency. 3D floral applique will feature heavily, as demonstrated through a number of designer gowns showcased during Bridal Fashion Week. Other key bridal fashion trends on the catwalk included plunging necklines, open back gowns, and capes (in abundance!).

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Tying the knot in 2018? What are your thoughts on these latest trends? Drop me a line in the comments box below!