9 Things No-one Tells You About Planning a Wedding


This week I am delighted to bring you this special guest post from our friends at Hitched, to let you in on these 9 things no one tells you about planning a wedding...

Ask Me Anything

Suddenly you’re fair game for all kinds of questions, some of which you don’t even know the answer to. How much did the ring cost? Do you actually like it? Where and when are you getting married? Am I invited? Can I be a bridesmaid (only joking. But really)? Are you planning babies now?

Things Cost a Lot

And even if it doesn’t seem like they cost a lot, you need a lot of them…which costs a lot. Who knew pom-poms could rack up such a bill? And that 200 personalised straws would leave your online shopping basket looking pretty hefty… Take a look at these budgeting tips to get you started!

You Discover How Emotional You Really Are

Previously you rivalled Elsa when it came to ice queen cool. Now you find yourself dissolving into tears at the tiniest thing. Mini cake toppers that look like you and your partner – sob. Your own monogram – wail. Your first dance song – you’re gone.

It’s a Whole New World

You were pretty pleased with your online habits – the daily Facebook check, the occasional tweet. But now you’ve discovered the online world of wedding planning. Your Instagram feed is full of wedding inspiration, you have Pinterest boards devoted to 17 different kinds of wedding vision and you are addicted to wedding planning forums. Goodbye, real world.

You Learn New Things about Your Partner

You thought you knew each other pretty well – well enough to get married and spend the rest of your lives together, at least. Then you discover he really likes fruit cake and wants a DJ that will play the Macarena. Who is he?

Everyone Has an Opinion

Usually an opinion that’s vastly different to yours. It doesn’t matter than your mother-in-law has never attended a wedding without chair sashes. There’s a first time for everything. Tell her she’ll learn to love the chiavari chairs and just keep a fixed smile on your face.

The Knot

There Are So Many Themes...

So many! Are you rustic, bohemian, vintage or contemporary? Perhaps you’re a steampunk bride? What does that even mean?

You've never been so popular

Well, your ‘We’re engaged!’ Facebook update, complete with ring selfie, was always going to be a winner when it came to the likes, but why are your school friends who you haven’t seen in a decade suddenly commenting on your pictures and your next-door-neighbour isn’t moaning about where your wheelie bin is? They’re angling for an invite. It is going to be the wedding of the century after all.

No-one is immune to bridezilla syndrome

It’s sad but true – you will have a least one meltdown over something you never thought would cause a meltdown. You ordered off-white table linen. The caterer has sent ivory. Aargh!

Thank you to the lovely people at Hitched for contributing this guest post. Hitched are UK's biggest wedding website, dedicated to preparing you for your wedding journey ahead, informing you and entertaining you along the way. Please visit www.hitched.co.uk for further information and to join.