Inspiration | 5 Unique Wedding Giveaway Ideas


Between budgeting, planning, and the actual execution of your wedding, it’s hard to find the time to worry about giveaways. At the same time, these little gifts make for a very nice gesture toward your guests, and are just the sort of wedding peripherals that can bring your event’s theme home.

Here are some wedding giveaway ideas that are bound to be memorable.

Potted Herbs

For the Healthy Crowd…

Few ideas would be as memorable as living herbs that your guests can take care of at home. Many commercial gardens and gardening supply shops already sell potted herbs as well, which makes this easy! You can either opt for a single, favourite herb, choose which herbs go to which guests, or opt for a random assortment. You can even attach the health benefits and other facts about the herbs on the pot, if you'd like to include a wellness aspect. For instance, lavender is known to have multiple beneficial properties, which include fighting anxiety, hair loss, and fungal infections. Meanwhile, basil is a known anti-inflammatory, and may even help fight cancer. Needless to say, these could be perfect for weddings filled with health buffs.


Sports Betting Vouchers

For the sports-loving crowd…

Here’s one for the sports-loving couples and wedding parties out there. You may have seen sports-themed giveaways before: chocolate baseballs, actual hockey pucks, golf-themed planters, etc. But you can up the ante by introducing your friends and family to gift vouchers for sports betting rather than mere sports symbols. Given the popularity of online sports betting, it’s actually easy to find the ideal vouchers for your guests. Check on free betting options first to compare offers from various UK betting firms, and possibly wind up with something free, or cheap. Otherwise, seek out special promotions you can easily dole out to a group, such as the option, from Giftmybet, to customise a bet and turn it into a gift card. Really, there are a lot of ways to go about something like this, and it could be the perfect idea for a sportier crowd.


Fresh Coffee Beans

For the coffee lovers...

Caffeine enthusiasts will love the simple gift of fresh, high-quality coffee beans in a small cloth sack. This is an affordable way to appeal to gourmet tastes, as well as to give out something that's actually useful rather than just another table trinket. In a way this can also be a gift that keeps on giving, as a stash of special beans can last someone a little while. And if you really want to get creative and personal about it, and perhaps add an artisan touch, you can look into customising the sack itself, such that it can be reused once the beans run out.


Organic Bath Products

For the crowd that likes to get pampered...

If you know that the bulk of your wedding crowd likes to get pampered, you can't do much better than this. Not to mention it's a simple way to get friends and family to switch to an organic lifestyle, if that's something that matters to you. The Independent lists several organic shampoos that are free from the nasty stuff that typically come with most commercial hair products, and might be good items with which to start a little basket of giveaways. Organic soaps also make for a good choice. We could go on, but you get the idea: give your guests something that they'll enjoy using, and which might be healthy for them as well.


Polaroid Pictures

For the close-knit groups…

The only problem with this giveaway idea is that you’d be hard-pressed to find enough working Polaroid cameras and film for an entire wedding. But if you can somehow find a source of affordable Polaroid equipment, you’ll have won major nostalgia points during the best day of your life! This is also a perfect idea if you happen to have a smaller crowd, or one full of close-knit groups of friends or family. Polaroid equipment will give these groups the chance to capture moments throughout the night, and enjoy them in a more personal form than, say, a wedding album that gets posted to social media some weeks later.